Friday, June 21, 2013

Together At Last


This final novel in the Forgotten Castles series concludes the adventures of the Duke and Lady Weston.  Likes the previous book, this novel takes up right where the last one left off.  Alexandria finally confides her awful secret to her new groom.  It is not the best way to start off a marriage.  But as with all the conflicts in this series, it is quickly dealt with and we move on to the next thing.

Gabriel and Alexandria’s greatest adventure seems to be before them in this segment of the series.  They are close to finding Alex’s parent and nothing will stop them in their quest; not a king’s army, nor a grandiose and unbelievable trip of the Alps in a hot air balloon.

I was a bit disappointed with the Featherstone parents.  They seemed to be thrown into the story because Alex needed to find somebody after all her exciting travels.   However, as with the other two books in this series everything seems far-fetched and implausible, yet I could not help but finish the journey with Alexandria and Gabriel. 

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I received this book free of charge from B&H Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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