Saturday, October 27, 2012

Required Reading

Remember when you had to take U.S. Government as a senior to graduate high school.  They should probably use this book as the beginning textbook for the class.  This is no light read.  The author begins the book as a biography of Locke; how his upbringing influenced his views, many letters showing his views on God, government, etc.  Mrs. Swanson proves that he is not the Deist that modern scholars present him as, but a man who had a deep faith in God, a faith that influenced how he believed government should work.

After this bibliographical ground work is laid the author then shows how his ideas and writings went on to influence nations sixty to seventy years after his death.  We are given an extremely in depth look at how his ideas went on to shape the British and American governments and how they were rejected and twisted by the French.  The abundance of notes let you investigate the facts on your own.  This is a good, very informational book, one you are going to want to keep and reread throughout the years.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Blessings Are Always a Pleasure


My family has picked up a few of these books over the years.  My 5 and 4 year old boys really enjoy them.  In fact, my youngest had to hear God Makes Nighttime Too at bedtime every night for the longest time.  The easy to understand rhyming text appeals to children greatly. 

The book starts out with a series of questions posed by the children, adorably illustrated by Elena Kucharik.  Each question is then answered in turn.  The address of each Scripture used is located at the top of the page so you can look it up to check its validity in answering the question. 

Super cute and super sweet, this is an absolutely great book to add to your children’s library!
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Short But Sweet

The Bridge

Ryan and Molly were college sweethearts who, not necessarily by choice, went their separate ways.  They have completely lost touch with each other in establishing their lives on opposite sides of the country.  A tragic incident at their old hangout, The Bridge bookstore, brings the two back together.  Their feelings from long ago are brought back to the surface and yet they fight hard against.

The Bridge is a nice little Christmastime story that will bring you to tears but leave you happy in the end.  If you have read any of Karen Kingsbury’s novels before you will notice this one is a bit light on the faith aspect, most likely due to the short novella styling of the story.  Having read it on my Kindle I was a bit shocked at how quickly I read through it, but I realize now that it is a “gift” sized novella.  It is perfect for a holiday plane ride where you might want something quick and easy to read, as long as you don’t mind tearing up in front of strangers!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

The Baron's Governess Bride

Well, the title takes away some of the suspense, so you already know what is going to happen in the end.  That being said, it does not take away the enjoyment of reading the story.  We start with an interview between Lord Steadwell, a widower with three daughters, and Grace Ellerby, a down-on-her-luck governess desperately in need of employment.  Grace hides her beauty because it has caused her nothing but misery.  Lord Steadwell is looking to hire someone who has no hope of marriage so she will stay with his girls until they no longer need her.  It is a perfect match.  Grace and the daughters come to love one another; they stick-up and look out for each other.   Grace also comes to care for Lord Steadwell even though she distrusts men because of past experiences.  The more she comes to know Lord Steadwell the worse she feels for living in a disguise and deceiving him.  She fears what he will think and do when he finds out.  But she needn’t fear; the title says it all! J
Despite my obvious derision for the title, the story is entertaining, it tugs at your heartstrings, and leaves you satisfied in the end—just like a good book should.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Thanksgiving Classic

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving, Eric Metaxas
I used to read this book to my class each year before Thanksgiving and now I am able to share it with my own little buddies!  This children’s story has a lot to teach to each one of us.  Mainly, when we let God use us—great things can happen.
Squanto follows the true life story of a twelve-year old boy who is forcibly taken from his home and exiled clear across the ocean in a foreign land.  Little does he know that the training and knowledge he receives will be invaluable to the founding of our nation.  This book is truly a classic and should be a part of every family’s Thanksgiving traditions.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

 To Love and Cherish, Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller, 978-0-7642-0887-4

If ever any two people epitomized the phrase “women are from Venus-men are from Mars” it is Melinda and Evan.  These two people are in love and want to wed but do not have a clue as to what the other is thinking.

Theirs is a semi-long distance romance.  Evan is the groundskeeper for the resort island of Bridal Veil and makes his home there year-round.  Melinda is a servant to a wealthy family from Cleveland who winter on the island.  Over several years of spending her winters on Bridal Veil, Melinda comes to love Evan and their desire is to eventually wed.  Eventually is not in Melinda’s vocabulary.  When disaster strikes the island Melinda gives up everything to find Evan on Bridal Veil and soon realizes her romantic fantasies are not going to play out the way she would like them to.

The story is enjoyable, and although slow moving through a good portion of the book, it is interesting and kept my attention throughout.  Melinda and Evan needed a good shaking a time or two.  They really do not have very good communication with each other.  Melinda tends to be a bit selfish and does not understand Evan’s reasoning behind waiting to marry.  But many of us can probably relate to a time when we did not communicate well with our boyfriend, fiancĂ©, or husband.  In that respect the characters come across as very real.  A somewhat convoluted plot twist at the end keeps things interesting.
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