Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Past Will Haunt

Dr. Ellis Poe is shy, timid, and keeps to himself-not a hermit, but not much more than one.  He thinks the life of a monk would be pretty good.  A huge sin of omission that he cannot forgive himself for is about to revisit him in a very dangerous way.
Detective Carmen Rainmondi, hard-nosed and unforgiving, is about to come face-to-face with the crime that changed the course of her life.  In the midst of trying to stop a serial killer the detective encounters the reticent Dr. Poe, whom she didn’t know was a part of her past, and finds that he is the key to solving the worst case of her life.

Wounds is a great story, but not the feel good kind.  Alton Gansky has put together a great murder mystery that has protagonists that are full of angst, remorse, hatred, and self-loathing.  And while in the end the mystery is solved, the main characters, even though they have taken tiny steps to move past that which haunts them, they  are not tidied up to be more perfect people.  Some readers might not like the depth of crime scene detail given.  I do not think it is terribly graphic, particularly if you compare it to television crime dramas.  However, there are some you may wish to take this aspect into consideration when choosing to purchase this book.
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Satisfying, Fast-Paced Action

Cover Art

A Cast of Stones, the first in The Staff and the Sword series, is exciting as well as engaging.  Revolving around the orphaned village drunk, the young Errol Stone finds himself in the middle of a life and death situation after he takes on the mundane task of delivering a message to a local priest.  Little does Errol realize that his life is dramatically about to change and the future of the kingdom somehow involves him.
This story is quick moving with tons of action propelling the story forward.  It is fun, frustrating, and satisfying to go along with Errol as he grows from only being concerned about his next drink, through the intrigue of who he should trust, to growing into a man who will potentially become a hero.

The story is billed as a “medieval fantasy” and I think some readers have taken the medieval portion a bit too literally.  While the religious and political systems, and even the lives of ordinary people, are similar to that period of time, this novel relies on a fantasy version of life.  And it works!  I am looking forward to see how the religious aspect of the story will play out as the series progresses.  I will be getting Hero’s Lot as soon as I can!
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The In-depth Research Shows

This is not an easy reading type of book.  The research that went into the writing of this book must have taken many years.  All that information is good to know but hard to digest.  I tried reading the book straight through but found that it is better taken in small bits at a time. 
The book is separated into four parts:  God’s Covenants with Humanity, The Parabolic Ministry of Christ, The Miraculous Healing Ministry of the Great I AM THAT I AM through Jesus, and Names and Titles of the Great I AM THAT I AM.  There are numerous maps and pictures throughout to highlight the subjects discussed.  The Scripture verses are written out in the text of the book, which is nice so that you don’t have look them up separately.  The book is extremely informative, but like I said, it isn’t easy reading.  I think it will appeal to laypeople who are looking to dig deeper into the Bible.

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Feed on God’s Word as you Feed your Family

Whit's End Mealtime Devotions: 90 Faith-Building Ideas Your Kids Will Eat Up!  -     
        By: Crystal Bowman, Tricia Goyer

Are you looking for a way for your family to connect at mealtimes?  This little devotional will help you do just that.  Each devotion is divided into the Mealtime Prayer, Appetizer, Main Course, Table Talk, and Vitamins and Minerals.  These have you discussing something related to the passage of Scripture you will be reading.  After reading from the Bible there are questions to discuss with your children.  Depending on the age and understanding of your children, these could be very in depth conversations.

While you do not have to really prepare for the devotions, you will want to read them over before your meal.  One “Appetizer” has you discussing some products we get from cows.  If your child hasn’t figured out that an animal has to die for it to be eaten or if you don’t use milk or eat steak then you may wish to modify the devotion to better fit your family’s eating habits.  The book is divided into three portions with special Holiday and Theme devotions.

This is a great way to discuss your family’s faith and while bringing them together for dinner.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Noble Story

A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

What a great story!  If you like to feel immersed in a story so much that you deeply feel what the characters are going through, then this is one you want to get.

The story is based around a German immigrant community in Michigan in the late 1800’s.  We become Annalisa Werner right from the start as she deals with the death of her husband and her future is laid out by her father and other men in the community-giving her no say in what happens to her and her children.  With no hope of anything better and no faith that God cares for a struggling young woman, Annalisa resigns herself to the fact that she will be marrying a cousin she doesn’t know just as soon as he can get to America.

Carl, the son of a baron, comes into the picture.  He’s not really spoiled or apathetic to the plight of these immigrants from his homeland.  He just really doesn’t have a clue about who they are and what they go through just to survive.  Running from a crime he did not commit, Carl finds himself in the middle of this community helping Annalisa until her groom shows up.  Carl grows-up and learns how to take on responsibility instead of running away, while Annalisa learns to trust in a man and have faith in God.

Again, this is a great story.  It is the first I have read by Jody Hedlund, but it will not be the last.
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