Sunday, February 10, 2013

I’m a Saver/Security-Seeker, He’s a Spender/Flyer. AHHH!!!

So what does that even mean?  That means the two people who live in my house and deal with money have polar opposite views on how to deal with money.  Now, I want you to know that it hasn’t caused too much friction or much in the way of fighting in my home, thankfully.  But I do know that it can be frustrating to deal with and is down-right miserable for some folks.

I received this book at the perfect time.  I ordered it before I knew that I would be taking a budgeting class at church.  I thought this would all be redundant.  But the Palmers state clearly in the beginning of the book that this is not about finance, budgeting, saving for retirement, or anything else.  This is strictly to understand your own and your spouse’s money personalities: the how and why of what you do with money.

I did the personality test and was not surprised by the results.  I was pretty sure of what my husband’s results would be also,  but I was a good girl and had him take the test himself.  I think when you go over the quick explanation of each personality you will have a good feel for what fits you best.  If that is all you do then you have missed the point of the book.  The best part is when you understand why you are the way you are and why your spouse is the way he is.  When mutual understanding happens then there is peace and harmony—and that’s a beautiful thing.

I am glad I got this book before beginning the budgeting class.  It has helped me to see financial issues from my husband’s perspective and not just my own.  I would recommend The 5 Money Personalities to anyone trying to get their finances in order.  It’s going to make your chances of success so much better than without it!
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