Saturday, September 29, 2012

Determined Wills Collide

Alexandria Featherstone is used to being alone.  Her parents have always been away more than home.  But when they do not return after a year of being gone the King declares them dead and hands guardianship of Alexandria to Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton.  Alexandra and Gabriel share letters but before they can meet in person she takes off on her own to find her parents, believing they are still alive.

There are parts of this story that are quite unbelievable.  As rich as the Featherstone’s seem to be, why do they leave their daughter practically penniless as they pursue their dream?  I have a certain thought on that and it may be explained in the sequels to this story.  Lady Alex is stubborn and determined.  She uses falsehoods to get what she wants, knowing that it is wrong and not what God would have her do.  Gabriel is the proud Duke of Easton who is brought to his knees by an unexplainable malady.  He has to learn to work with the help of others instead of relying on his own abilities.  His disability appears at the same moment he learns of his new guardianship. 

Even though some bits of the story seem to be a bit preposterous I was hooked quickly.  I really did enjoy the story as a whole and I think leaving the story unfinished, in the traditional sense, was clever.  I will be getting the rest of the series!
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I received this book free of charge from B&H Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

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