Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Reference

Exploring The Unexplained is a nice reference book that is ideal for those just starting out on their Biblical journey.  While I do not think the title of the book fits the contents particularly well, what comes on the pages inside are insightful.
Exploring is set up as a user-friendly dictionary of the “Peculiar People, Place, and Things in the Bible”.  The author gives his criteria for what makes something “peculiar” in the introduction of the book.  Each entry tells you whether it is a person, place, thing, angel, or God.  It is nice to quickly identify what something is with so many Hebrew and Greek names throughout the Bible.  Each entry includes where it is found in the Scriptures followed by a definition of what it is. 
Unique to this dictionary is the “Issue” or question each entry puts forth.  It encourages you to think a bit more deeply on the subject than to just learn what it is and move on.  Thinking things through is always a good thing.
I think this is a good book to have around if you’re reading the Bible for the first time or if you spend any time teaching children or new believers.  You will be able to look up some facts and give answers right away.  If you have read through the Bible a few times then most of these subjects won’t be all that mysterious to you.
I received this book free of charge from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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