Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun Story

Love in Disguise, Carol Cox, 978-0-7642-0955-0

Ellie Moore was born into the theater community.  After her parents’ tragic deaths, she is raised by theater friends and eventually becomes the personal assistant to one of Chicago’s premiere actresses.  When the actress sets her sights on London, Ellie is left behind and gets herself blackballed from the theater district.  Without skills outside of the theater she has little hope for gaining employment.  Using the acting skills she has learned through her life in the theater, Ellie manages to finagle a job with the Pinkerton Detective Agency.  She is sent to Arizona to assist a senior agent in investigating a string of silver thefts.  The plan soon falls apart and Ellie finds herself playing, not one, but two rolls of a lifetime!

Ellie definitely has spunk and determination.  Unfortunately for her, she also acts and speaks without giving thought to the consequences she will inevitably have to deal with.   Trying to present herself as two different women causes Ellie to create an intricate deception to fool the townsfolk while she attempts to learn how to be a detective with no training and no help.  She does not easily give up and works to find solutions to the problem she faces without complaining.  She has to deal with what she learns about God in the midst of her investigation and how to deal with the man she has fallen in love with when he thinks she is someone else.  Overall, Love In Disguise is a nice story and fun to read.
For more information about this story and to read the first several chapters of this book--click here--or the title above. 

Click here to read an interview with Carol Cox about this story.

I received this book free of charge from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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