Thursday, May 10, 2012

Will You Be Able To Tell They Are Amish If No One Has Electricity?

Arms of Love, Kelly Long

 Yeah, you will, because they are the ones getting picked on and having their stuff confiscated by soldiers for use in the American Revolution.  It doesn’t seem too profitable to be peace-loving and refusing to enter the fight.  In fact, if an Amish man joins the army, he will be shunned.  That’s the prospect Adam Wyse faces after promising a dying woman not to marry her daughter and thereby keep her safe from his abusive father.  Adam tells his beloved Lena that he will not marry her, so Lena tries to go on without Adam.  She chooses to promise herself to Adam’s older brother, Isaac. 

The story, while not bad, didn’t live up to its potential.  I am a firm believer in letting the reader have an idea of the passage of time throughout a story.  Things seemed to be happening in a short period of time making the characters appear fickle.  Adam, battling years of abuse and a horrible memory he can’t quite remember, waffles back and forth between expressing his love for Lena and pushing her away.  There were a couple of, what felt like to me, contrived disasters near the end of the story that felt more like filler than actually adding anything to the story.

The story itself is not bad, but I think it could have used some retooling to make it great.
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