Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not Going to Happen to Me!

by Jim Wideman, Sam Luce, and Kenny Conley
with Kristin Englund, Sherri Epperson, Craig Gyergyo, Deana Hayes, and Matt McDaniel

Yeah right, if you live in a total state of denial.  When a person creates for themselves a mini empire in the name of ministry - it will be conquered.   Not that any of us set out to take God’s place in what we are doing, but is just seems to be the natural inclination of a human being to take over even when we are supposed to be following Jesus’ will, heeding His call, and ministering in His name.

Eric is the Children’s Ministry Pastor of his Church.  He loves his job and believes he was made to do it.  If he didn’t have to deal with “undependable volunteers or clueless parents”, everything would be perfect.  But that is before reality comes crashing down on the oblivious Eric.  It isn’t as though Eric is a power hungry usurper trying to take over his church.  He’s a nice guy who has taken everything upon himself—everything!

Eric is a fictional conglomeration of way too many of us.  Through Eric’s story I find issues that I have had to deal with in the past and even now—stinkin’ delegation, but thankfully not all at once, like poor Eric.  Eric’s neat little ministry world comes crashing down in a horrendous week and its affects don’t stay at the church but involve his home life, too.

We can learn a lot from this fable about how we, as leaders, are deal with our position of leadership.  After each account of Eric’s fictional life there is “real life” encouragement from those who have fallen into their own Eric Trap but came through it wiser and determined to not make those mistakes again.

This is truly a Leadership Fable.  It’s focus is Children’s Ministries, however, any person in a leadership position will benefit from reading this.  Those of us in KidMin are not the only ones with leadership issues!
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Thanks go to Infuse Publishing for contacting me about reviewing this book.

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