Friday, March 16, 2012

Irreverent, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Cover: My Imaginary Jesus

Yes, definitely irreverent, but would I consider this book disrespectful or blasphemous (ok, time to close the thesaurus), well I guess that all depends on how close you are holding on to beliefs that do not really line up with what the Bible teaches.

In My Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos writes about his escapades in search of the real Jesus while trying to get rid of the made-up, comfortable Jesus he thought he was following.  I really don’t want to give too much of the story away, you really should read this for yourself, but the main point is we tend to fashion a Jesus after ourselves.  He may change as we grow and mature, but it is still a Jesus we are comfortable with instead of the true Jesus.

There were a couple of places that made me raise my eyebrows and wonder what the writer was doing, however, the discussion guide in the back of the book answered my questions.  All together it is an enjoyable book that should get you thinking about who Jesus really is to you.  Btw, is it wrong to think that Magic Eight Ball Jesus is so funny?

“…to be a disciple means more than learning.  It means to become like your teacher.  It means transformation from what I am in to what my teacher is.  Y’shua said once, ‘Everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher’

…..You would eat when I eat, you would rest when I rest, and under the same olive tree.  You wouldn’t take the shortcut while I went the long way.  We would be inseparable.  You would live like my shadow, mimicking my actions until you could do what I do without thinking, until you had the same instincts, thoughts, and words.”  Being a true disciple per Daisy the talking donkey from My Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos

For more information on this book click here or the title above. 

I received this book free of charge from the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.

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