Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does anybody know where Scottsburg, Oregon, is?

I do.  I have driven through the slip of a town a hundred times, at least.  Actually it’s not really a town.  Scottsburg is a bridge over the Umpqua River and one of the smallest Post Offices you will see, surrounded by a few homes.  It is peaceful, beautiful, and one of the settings for Lady Anne’s Quest.

It has been just at six years since I moved from the Southern Oregon Coast to Florida’s Treasure Coast.  This book has made me a bit homesick.  The characters pass through places that no one outside of Oregon has ever heard of and I had a wonderful time traveling with them.

This is the second book in the Prairie Dreams Series.  Unfortunately, I have not read the first book, The Lady’s Maid, but that was not a problem.  This story stands on its own with enough of the backstory added to understand there is a history between the two main characters, Lady Anne Stone and Daniel Adams.  Lady Anne has traveled from England to find her long lost uncle to have him take his rightful place as the Earl of Stoneford.  Dan accompanies Anne through the wilds of an untamed Oregon to find the man no one has heard from in years.  In spite of the fact that Anne has turned down a marriage proposal from Dan, he stays by her side hoping that she will change her mind and stay in America with him.

This is a great story; having taught Oregon history and geography, and actually been in the places mentioned in the story there was little chance I wouldn’t like it.  But it truly is a good read.

***For anyone who has regularly traveled Highway 38***  I could not stop laughing at the point in the story where the main characters, on horseback, could not get by the freighters because the trail was too narrow.  How many times have I been stuck behind an RV on the windy little road, counting the miles until the next passing lane, just to get stuck behind another RV!  Ah, sometimes I really miss Oregon.
For more information about this and the first book in the Prairie Dreams Series click here or on the title above.

I received this book free of charge from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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