Monday, August 12, 2013

Went Into This One Unaware

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I have yet to begin the O’Malley Series.  No particular reason why, I guess we just haven’t crossed paths, until this one.  Jennifer is a prequel to the entire O’Malley series.  It is my understanding that Jennifer’s story is knit throughout the entire rest of the series.  This novella goes back to tell the beginning of her story.

Even though I haven’t read the O’Malley’s I have read other books by Dee Henderson and they are all great.  She writes with depth and passion.  She doesn’t shy away from hard subjects but faces them honestly:  If God wants you to trust Him why does he let tragedy befall you?  Should you give your heart to someone who does not understand your faith in Christ?  She deals will questions like these in a real and authentic way.

Those who have read the previous books in this series should be delighted to finish out the series with the youngest O’Malley sibling.  For those of us just starting, we will definitely want to begin here with Jennifer and follow her story as she introduces us to the rest of her family.
For more information about this book and to read an excerpt--click here--or the title above!

Visit Dee Henderson's website to find out about the O'Malley series and her other great novels.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers through NetGalley in exchange for and honest review.

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