Friday, July 13, 2012

We Just Don’t Seem To Have Common Sense Anymore…..

And since we have no common sense a book like this can come in very handy.  I am not trying to put anyone down, I’m sure I suffer from a lack of common sense myself, but the lack of people’s ability to parent their children these days is abominable.
But how are they supposed to know what to do?  So many who are parents now were raised in families where both parents have worked and the children were raised in daycare and school instead of at home.  Again, I’m not coming down on people, I’m just stating the reality of our society at this time.  So, essentially, if parents didn’t “parent” you, how are you to know how to deal with your own children?  Modern Parents, Vintage Values steps in to help parents understand issues children are facing today and how to deal with it as a Parent.
Melissa Trevathan, M.R.E. and Sissy Goff, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP, counselors at Daystar Counseling Ministries, sound like they have pretty much heard and seen it all in regards to children and their parents.  Using the experience they have gleaned over the years, they offer parents practical, though not always easy, advice on how to deal with modern problems every family will face.  Values are encouraged, such as kindness, gratitude, integrity, and many more while also dealing with the entitlement issue so many people seem to have.  This is a great resource for all of us raising children these days.
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I received this book free of charge from B&H Publishing Group through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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