Tuesday, June 26, 2012

“Ignore The Rushing Water….”

Through Rushing Water, Catherine Richmond

…Advice Sophia hangs on to so her heart doesn’t completely break.  A Russian exile who has traveled the world, Sophia had high hopes of becoming a woman of great influence as the wife of a U.S. Congressman in Washington.  When those hopes are rather publically dashed, Sophia hastily joins a missionary society in hopes of being sent to China, from where she might one day make her way back to Russia.

Sophia ends up at the Ponca Agency in the middle of Dakota Territory.  It does not take her long to understand how deprived the Ponca Tribe is.  As the only teacher who has stuck around for more than a couple of months, she comes to love her students and learn that she is a woman of influence no matter where she is.

The story is very good, though some of the characters tended to be a bit stereotypical.  And even kind of knowing what would eventually happen with the Tribe, I wanted to keep reading.  Having never heard of the Ponca Tribe, it was interesting to know that one of the main Ponca characters was an actual historical figure.  The tribe was treated horribly by the United States government.  Sophia learns through her time at the Agency that she has to “ignore the rushing water”, there are so many problems to face that trying to take them all on at once will drown you.  But if you focus on what you can fix, those you can help, then you will make it through the rushing water helping others along the way.
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