Monday, November 21, 2011

The Journey of a Lifetime

Journey To Christmas DVD Bible Study    

This is a faith-based, reality, maybe more documentary, small group discussion series--a pretty ambitious undertaking.  This set of four videos follows a group of five people from various backgrounds, each with their own set of spiritual struggles.  They follow the path of the Nativity from the Bible, starting in Nazareth and ending in Bethlehem, learning the customs and life style of those living during the time of Christ’s birth.  They hit all the major tourist landmarks along the way.

Being a history junkie, this sort of thing appeals to me greatly.  There is a lot of background information all throughout each of the four sessions.  I watched the first two right away and would have watched all four in one sitting if I had the time.  The human drama of the participants was an added layer to what otherwise would have been an historical documentary.  I found it interesting to see if these holy sites would build faith in the group or would they be taken back by the extreme tourist traps the sites have become.

This series is set up as four small group lessons that I believe would be perfect for a home study where you bring in people who might not want to go to church.  There are discussion materials you can print out to help facilitate a talk amongst your group.  I don’t know if the videos themselves would inspire people to faith, but that is where we come in and lead our friends and neighbors in a thoughtful discussion of what happened 2000 years ago.

This DVD was provided free of charge by the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.

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