Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Seraph Seal by Leonard Sweet & Lori Wagner

The Seraph Seal

The End Is Coming
This is a fictional book about the end of the world.  However, as I write this on the 8th day of June, 2011, I wake to the worst solar flares to hit earth in 5 years-the major force of destruction in the book.  E-coli outbreaks in Europe-a major disease wipes out towns in the book.  The most fantastic picture of a volcano eruption I have ever seen-which is how the sky on earth is described for the last third or so of the book.  Earthquakes, war, famine; it is all in there. 
The story takes place in the year 2048 with the destruction of earth happening on December 12th of that year.  Being set in the future there is quite a bit of “techno talk”.  At first I felt like Sheriff Carter standing in the middle of Eureka trying to figure what all the brilliant scientists were talking about.  But it is easy to get used to and only used sporadically throughout the book.  The story is extremely interesting and easy to read.  It moves at a good pace and really starts to pick up at the end.  I definitely couldn’t wait to finish the last 50 pages or so.  The very end was a big surprise.

I am not sure I would categorize this as Christian fiction.  The book relies heavily on mysticism, the Mayan prophecy concerning 2012, and science in regards to the end of the world.  In my opinion they are more prevalent in the story than the Word of God.  Kabbalah is a big player in all that is going on. 

I have to admit that it has been a while since I have done an end of times study of the Bible.  But I don’t think The Seraph Seal holds true to the Biblical account of end times.  However, it does make me want to find a good study guide and do a bit of research on the subject.
All in all it is an entertaining and easy book to read.  However, if you dislike anything that deviates from Scripture, this probably isn’t for you.
This book was provided free of charge by Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program in exchange for an unbiased review.

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  1. The author suggests in the prologue that you read the alphabet of the apocalypse, provided for you in the back before you get started, so you might understand whats going on, but i found this tedious, and pretty much unnecessary. The story can stand on its own very well without this.
    There are many people involved and the story line does tend to jump around a lot, at first i found it hard to discern who was who, and the story seemed very discombobulated. I did not give up however, and as I read a pattern starts to derive, and i found myself being able to follow quite nicely.