Monday, May 30, 2011

Good book to start a conversation

How Good is Good Enough deals with the premise that all "good people go to heaven". Most of likely know family, friends, coworkers, etc..., who believe this. A person does not even need to believe there is a God to believe that all good people go to heaven. but what is the definition of good; everybody seems to have their own and that is what Andy Stanley points out in this book.

Starting with the "all good people go to heaven" belief, Mr. Stanley breaks it do to see the problems with this line of reasoning.

The last part of the book exlplins why Mr. Stanley, and we as Christians, believe that good people do not go to heaven, but forgiven people do.

This book is easy to read. I know many churches and individuals give this book to those who are seeking their way to heaven. It is a good starting point if the person you are giving it to can acknowledge there is a God, heaven, and hell. This is not a book trying to convince a person of the existence of God.

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